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Banking & Finance

Investing In Customer Engagement

Banks and Financial Institutions are undergoing rapid changes. New technologies and always-connected users present opportunities for transformational design thinking for banks and financial institutions. From being cumbersome spaces one had to go to for loans and mundane banking activities, banks are now available on every phone and personal device. A visit to a branch must therefore be much more rewarding and banks that figure this out will be able to capture the imagination of a new generation of customers.

Eumo has worked with Banks to evolve the banking experience, We have infused banks with engaging activities to respond to the new customer. Our earliest banking experience was with Kotak bank, as the designers who developed concepts such as open and friendly seated discussions across well-furnished desks with financial advisors, at that time a big leap from standing across a grilled window and waiting in line for service. Our work has since spanned strategy, service & retail experience design for pan-India banking facilities such as J&K Bank retail experience design, Tata Capital and ICICI Bank.

Design can add tremendous value in the age of digital transformation of the banking experience. Eumo can work with you across design services, such as

  • Retail Brand Strategy & Experience Design
  • Service Design
  • Design Thinking for Retail
  • Digital Intervention for Customer Engagement
  • UX & UI Design
  • Strategic Brand Identity Design
  • Communication Roadmap & Marketing

Banking & Finance

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