Project Description

Client ICICI Bank
Project ICICI Bank ATM

Banking on Demand


The ICICI Bank ATM network is strong and wide, however the brand identity and design of the ATMs was unchanged over years. The client brief was to To make ICICI Bank ATM the Preferred ATM.


The idea we proposed was to make the ICICI ATM preferred emotively and functionally. For creating a calming mood we proposed it should be welcoming, safe and pleasant and for functionality we proposed it should be smart, high on technology, efficient and informative.


The solutions we proposed addressed all aspects of user interaction. We designed for an automated sensor-based welcome address on entering the ATM. A pleasant fragrance and melody was suggested to create a signature association with the brand and rejuvenate the user. Motion-sensor based lighting brightens the space when a user enters. Visually, the identity was reinforced with a uniform wraparound skin within which digital soundscape and visuals were embedded using rounded cut-outs. The façade stayed uncluttered and graphic free for a safe, transparent environment.


We started the rollout in Mumbai, new ATMs at select locations all sport the fresh signature brand look with a homogeneous skin and flowing lines to respond to human interactions.

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