Project Description

Client ICICI Bank
Project ICICI Bank Homeloans

A Roof to Homeloans


ICICI bank has clearly segmented customers and they needed to help home loan seekers quickly identify and approach their homeloan desks with a differentiated proposition.


The research and customer study indicated that the home loan audience who visit the branch requires privacy and time with the advisor to understand the process of disbursement. Also with home loans as a growing business, we could afford to demarcate the business with visual cues.


We designed a modular standalone structure that houses the homeloan desks, customer seating, waiting spaces all within a conceptual home with the comfort of a small coffee table and service. This can be expanded into a standalone Island or a small roof framing a single desk where space is a limitation in a branch.


The modular design is a knockdown system that arrived at each branch and was set up overnight. The detailing was robust and the entire system was designed with graphic panels that captured moments of life in a home. This roll out went across 200 branches pan-India.

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