What is being Euman?

Being Euman is our identity, characterized by a lively sense of curiosity and a fearless approach to creative problem solving.

Every Euman learns the importance of being a good listener and engaging deeply with colleagues on every design challenge. Communication skills are honed at eumo and eumans get adept at expressing their ideas as much in words as with visuals. Eumans are taught to approach each design problem strategically and map a users journey to identify new opportunities for enhanced engagement. Our skill sets are varied and well-honed at eumo as every Euman is encouraged to raise the bar and upgrade their skillsets and knowledge. ‘Making Intelligence Visible’ is a mindset at eumo and an outcome of a rigorous process that concludes with a heady a-ha moment of discovery as we arrive at a big idea that has transformative potential. Eumans are bold with ideas, upright with ethics and empathetic in relationships.

Euman Diaries. Eumans speak about their journey with us.