We Started With A Big Question

How can we build awareness that Design is a holistic, strategic, creative problem-solving process that has the potential to deliver truly transformational human-centred solutions?

The name Eureka Moment captures the spirit of the firm, our search for that a-ha! moment that leads us to a big idea. Having invested 10 years in the industry demanding and delivering high-calibre design solutions, Eumo was started in 2005 by Shanoo Bhatia & Gary Grewal, both alumni of NID. EuMo has nurtured designers across disciplines. Both our Directors have taken on multiple roles in national bodies such as ASSOCHAM and the Association of Designers on India to lead design from the forefront.

Founder Director

Founder Director

Our team of enviable talent is multi-disciplinary and comprises high-level creative minds skilled in the delivery of strategic branding, retail experiences, user experience and interface design, and visitor experiences, as demonstrated by our incredible assignments.

Core Team

Sharmila has over 25 years of rich experience driving business set-ups, business development, key account management, sales and marketing. With a deep understanding of critical business drivers, Sharmila has excelled in new market development, HRM/HRD operations, new set-ups, team building, liaison, training & development, and business initiatives. Her strategic mindset, coupled with her expertise in operations and sales, has consistently led to remarkable growth and success in all her previous roles in global organizations. Sharmila’s ability to build strong relationships and her passion for innovation define her capabilities in navigating the complexities of the business landscape and achieving outstanding results. As Business Director at EuMo she leads our Business Development and Client Relationship Management.

Sharmila Kharab

Business Partner

Our Indigenous Brands

Our quest to doggedly pursue and deliver purist designed products had led to us spawning standalone branded initiatives such as Amazng and Typestories.

Awards & Recognition

What Does Being Euman Mean?

Being Euman