TYPEStories was born of a collective ‘Aha’ moment at our design firm, Eureka Moment. It celebrates the structures and landmarks that speak of Mumbai’s history, culture and architecture. These TYPEStories lend their quirky charm to mugs, t-shirts, badges, and sippers. Perfect for all those who want to carry an authentic piece of Mumbai’s indomitable spirit with them.

Mumbai Archi-type

Mumbai Archi-Type is a homage to a city that was built to symbolise the unity in diversity that defines us. In an attempt to capture its unique aura, Eumo has drawn inspiration from its diverse architectural heritage. Mumbai Archi-Type pays tribute to public space design.

From the Indo-Saracenic and the Art Deco to the contemporary – Mumbai is an exotic mash of architectural styles that chronicle its evolution. They are testaments in stone, steel and cement, that speak of Mumbai’s culture, its people and its undying, incorruptible, inimitable spirit. Mumbai’s iconic architecture finds form in type.


Coffee Mugs

Phone Covers

Sipper Bottles


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