Live with Design

For AMAZNG, our in-house brand, the brief was to create an exclusive furniture brand that delivers a feeling of awesomeness. For many years, Gary, our founder director, has nurtured the idea of an indigenous furniture brand built on sleek, technically engineered design and has filled reams of sketch paper with #AMAZNG evocative design ideas.

Gary, leads furniture design while Eumo is in charge of the strategy, brand conception, development and communication. Our in-house designers and art directors work together as a design collective and look to create emotional longevity with the products. Amazng is a result of years of shaping such moments and refining our craft. So our creative intent leans towards making design appear simple. With Amazng, we are targeting a niche and discerning audience who, like us, are not easily satisfied with just the ordinary. The design approach had to be non-conformist, constantly looking to create and deliver what’s new and refreshingly different. The furniture ranges have been conceptualised to suit different personality aspects of our audience. For example, Minimalist – Designed for Modernists, Queens – Designed for Feminine Elite etc. Every design at Amazng does more than provide a functional benefit hoping to shape lives and transform relationships. The digital communication includes a fresh engaging & responsive e-commerce website that meet users’ demands for an excellent experience on any resolution. Social media campaigns were designed to optimise customer experience & outreach and gain traffic & attention through social media sites.