Project Description

Client ICICI istartup
Project Corporate Environment Branding

Startup, Start Strong


An exciting initiative by ICICI Bank, this assignment required us to carve out a space within select existing branches, which would encourage young entrepreneurs who wanted to launch startups, by providing seating space and advisory services to them.


The startup entrepreneur’s profile needed to be studied to ensure that the look and feel of the space would invite them to avail of the facilities provided and create a collaborative environment to engage and connect with the bank advisors. We spent time understanding the mindset of such an entrepreneur and were inspired by early garage start-up stories, which gave rise to some of the largest and most successful business ventures of our time.


The space was designed to capture the entrepreneurial spirit in a frugal environment, the furniture system was designed to be modular to cater to different requirements. It is extremely friendly for the single user, while being versatile enough for group discussions, presentations to groups and face to face interactions by the simple reorientation of corner desks into a central meeting table.


Budding entrepreneurs who wish to set up startup ventures in diverse sectors like Digital, Financial Services, Biotechnology, Hi-Tech Farming, Healthcare, Logistics, E-Commerce/E-Markets, etc find the space useful. The success lies in the simplicity of interpretation of the customer’s needs.

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