Project Description

Client Beams Hospital
Project Corporate Environment Branding

Making of an Un-Hospital


Beams Hospitals is a specialised non-invasive surgeries centre. Investments into the brand-building could take it into metros and non-metros, developing a network of minimal access surgery centres, known for their the skill and experience of their senior medical staff. Our role was to develop a strategic differentiator, visual identity, spatial identity, employee branding and enculturation of the BEAMS brand as it expanded its national footprint.


Our research through in-depth interviews with management, staff, repeat patients and visiting patients along with their families, helped us understand what differentiated this hospital from others that offered similar surgical procedures. We plumbed valuable insight through personal interviews – the centre was considered a warm and unhospital-like environment, with personal care at every touchpoint, including special arrangements for accompanying relatives to ensure that the patient’s family was well cared for and stress-free, which in turn ensured faster recoveries. The leading surgeon was renowned for his attention to detail and his sheer mastery with technology that ensured almost pain-free post-surgical recoveries. How could we therefore ensure that the brand maintains its differentiating human story while stressing the use of leading-edge technology? The brand position we created, ‘Accomplished Care’ embraced the human-centred personalised care of the healthcare professionals as well as their high levels of accomplishment and experience. These two words effectively summarized the essence of brand Beams.


The Beams mark, inspired by natural forms, represents the holistic experience and attention to detail that Beams Hospitals provides. With warm colours and soft enveloping forms, the mark expands into spaces, creating themed patient rooms with a consistent visual language. An employee branding program was devised along with the HR client team, encompassing all aspects of employee interaction, recruitment, representation, tone of voice and personality for all Beam-ployees.


The first Beams hospital was inaugurated in Hyderabad and our teams worked in collaboration with our Client teams to successfully extend the identity system to all patient touchpoints to create a differentiated Un- hospital experience. We created an enculturation toolset for the staff and human resource guidelines to ensure that every Beam-ployee spoke the language of the brand.

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