Project Description

Client ISDI Parsons
Project Strategic Brand Identity
Award Designomics Award, Oct 2013

Design for Dialogue


The ISDI Parsons school was conceived as an international design school in the central district of Mumbai, modelled on curriculum guidance by Parsons School of Design, New York. The challenge was to develop a brand which would reflect the internationalism of this collaboration, while integrating design education with business thinking into a successful learning model.

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Traditional methods of teaching and learning by rote never inspired new ideas. Instead, debate, discourse and dialogue inspires new thinking, providing opportunity for developing new and relevant interpretations for human needs. It is never enough to learn design without understanding the need for it and making it desirable and viable.


The manifesto of this school and the framing of its identity was built on the principle of debate, discourseand dialogues being the bed of creative ideation and innovation. The D-motif,formed from a simple split of the uppercase letter D to create a human face became an effective graphic device, for the ISDI Parsonsʼs brand identity. We saw the potential of this graphic device as the motif that represents the school and the encouragement of its manifesto to push students out of their comfort zone,to seek better solutions through constant debate, curiosity and innovation. We used thisdevice to create high recall collateral and extended the identity into a system of grids, secondary colours and typefaces that serve to reiterate the brand commitment to design thinking. It bridges cultures and creates a confluence of ideas that are at home universally.


The brand was launched complete with collateral, print ads and pick-ones at an elaborate launch event to set the course of growth for the brand. Today, the brand is well positioned and recognised as one of Indiaʼs leading design and innovation schools.

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