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Client StoneShippers
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Stone Shippers, is India’s largest exporter of Natural Stone since 1986, supplying primarily sandstone, limestone and granite, processed to exacting specifications, for hard-landscaping in homes and commercial projects across the world. They had been exclusive suppliers to the UK’s largest hard- landscaping supplier.

Having invested in capacity building and state-of-the-art computer-aided, multi- axis cutting and finishing machines which ensure precise specifications for every order, Stone Shippers was ready to expand their footprint both in India and across the world.

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Through immersive interviews with the management, factory executives, workers, international buyers and architects in India, we arrived at a product and category truth that differed for the international and Indian customer. We concluded that in order to have a differing brand proposition for the local and international buyer, the company would need to leverage its products and solutions through two distinct brands with different imagery, styling, communication and brand voices.


Since the brand truth differed for the international and local buyer, we created two brands. LivingStone and Xpereos. For international distributors, Living Stone is synonymous with creating authentic human experiences by delivering high quality natural stone to exacting standards of precision by continuously investing in leading edge technology to respond to changing market demands. For Indian design influencers, Xpereos represents endless possibilities for innovative solutions through precision customisation of natural stone delivered on cutting-edge stone conversion technology.


We built the brand identity, messaging architecture and brand touch-points for each brand, along with a complete package of brand collaterals and websites to set the brand tonality and lead marketing for the individual brands.

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