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Client Xpereos
Project Strategic Brand Identity

Limitless Possibilities


India’s largest exporter of natural stone and the most trusted name in the industry, Stone Shippers was seeking to reinforce their market position and increase their market share in the Indian market. The objective was to present themselves as an alternative to either expensive imported marbles or machine-manufactured ceramic and cement flooring and cladding tiles, in the Indian market. This was an opportunity to build a brand from scratch.

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Through deep insights gathered during our research and immersion, we reasoned that the Indian architect and interior designer required to be educated about natural stone and its uses to augment their natural preference towards these stones and make it a viable option for their clients.The website was one of the touch-points that could help them understand quality, specifications, and limitless possibilities of natural stone by proposing it as a voguish replacement to existing products.


We developed the naming, brand identity and strategy, with the promise of ‘Limitless Possibilities’ with natural stone from Xpereos. We communicated how natural stone has infinite potential with its versatile nature and raw beauty. The website was created to first amaze and then educate the visitor about the uses of natural stone, the possibilities offered to customise solutions using cutting-edge conversion technologies and finally showcase the myriad products and textures with artful examples of use. The visual language echoes the brand, the tone of voice is confident and empowering.


The success achieved was the transition of perception from a product-led to a service-led brand. The website features multiple touch points to explore and cross-link to case-studies and keep the visitor engaged. A chat-widget embedded on all pages makes contact with the company immediate, helping lead-capture and channelising sales.

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