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Client Living Stone
Project Strategic Brand Identity

Stories in Stone


Stone Shippers, India’s biggest natural stone suppliers by volume, had established a strong client base in the UK as exclusive suppliers to a British stone supplier. Our client wanted to accelerate growth by expanding their enterprise across different international geographies. The question posed to us was, “How can we make Stone Shippers stand out on the global stage?” “How can we make an Indian supplier relevant and dependable amidst international competition with distributors abroad?”

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To respond to these requirements, we first needed to shift them from being perceived as a supplier to a storied brand. LivingStone was borne out of this need. The next step was to create their identity, positioning and brand touch points for their customers, in this case large international distributors and retailers.


With a powerful positioning of ‘Stories in Stone’ the Living Stone website was conceived around elevated experiences with stone. With sharp audience insights, we crafted an ideal site-map, user-flow and navigation to allow visitors to explore the company’s legacy and lineage, the story behind its ancient natural stone, highlighting quality processes, facilities, investments in technology, bespoke solutions and an unfailing devotion to deliver on time and to exacting standards.


The website was designed with flexibility to scale the number of products, case-studies, blogs and testimonials. Our client has been consistently and independently updating the back-end with new projects. The user-interface is classy and minimalist, with brand elements and colour themes applied to effectively and seamlessly help the visitor navigate the website.

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