Project Description

Client J&K Bank
Project Nationwide Retail Identity

The People’s Bank


J&K Bank approached Eumo to create a people’s bank that addressed not only banking but also the needs of the common man from across socio-economic sections of society. A visible shift in perception was required by a Bank that was viewed as a feudal, bureaucratic organisation.


Eumo did an in-depth analysis through service design and field research of the existing branches in various regions of J&K, the learnings in space allocation, customer interaction and comfort were deeply analysed. The local crafts and skill sets were studied which would then influence the design. The bank had to change its look and feel to a warm, welcoming, efficient and welcoming persona.


Efficient space management and reorientation of functional spaces allowed an intuitive and efficient interaction with the customer. Our design drew upon regional motifs, materials and idioms. Inclusion of local craftsmen in the creation of an inviting banking experience along with a communication strategy that resonated with the customer, ensured each and every corner of the bank was true to its origins.


The success of the design lay in the positive feedback received from the customer and staff, repeatability of the design, inclusion of local vendors for a program that was rolled-out to create a unifying retail identity for J&K Bank.

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