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Real Estate

Blended Environments For A New Normal

Post Covid and with the ongoing concern of climate change and impending crises, the realty sector has to reinvent itself driven by the demands of users and society. While long-term consequences are difficult to predict, it is clear that the impact on the Realty sector is very real. One of the developments in newly constructed spaces could be that real estate may no longer be sharply segregated into residential and commercial, one may see mixed-use architecture with certain levels given to housing, some levels to entertainment and some to business areas or offices. Technology can be leveraged to satisfy the needs of each user. From shopping preferences, to everyday grocery deliveries, telemedicine, connecting transport to homes and ease of food selection and delivery, the future of this industry is bound to see dramatic change. Digitisation will also see an entry into the initial sales experience touch-points, with virtual sales experience centres, visitor journeys and digital sales. Design thinking and application will be at the core of this transformation.

Through our multi-disciplinary approach we are able to predict and deliver

  • Master Planning for multi-use spaces
  • Connected architecture
  • Branded environments
  • Digital environments
  • Digital signage mapping
  • Landscape and community design
  • App design

Real Estate

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