Project Description

Client Kalpataru Sparkle
Project Facade

The Making of an Icon


Kalpataru, a leading realty firm, had constructed a residential structure in a prime area in Mumbai, called Kalpataru Sparkle. They were looking to make it an icon. The towers have a long façade that the client wanted to clad with a design that made a statement.

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At Eumo, a facade is an opportunity to tell a story. Kalpataru Sparkle is a story of success, achievement and the radiance that permeates the lives of those who have earned that distinction.


We came in to interpret the symbolism of the projects and the promise of a sparkling life for the residents of the tower. Our 200mt wrap-around façade concepts were rich with symbolism and our Clients made a brave choice in selecting a technically challenging route. We worked closely with our Client and execution team to create an engineering masterpiece.


Together with our Client, we revel in the success of creating a landmark that adds a genuine sparkle to the neighbourhood. Try catching it at night.

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