Project Description

Client Adhiraj Constructions
Project Adhiraj Capital City – Materials Museum

The Truth Series


Adhiraj faced a central challenge in setting itself apart, particularly considering the prolonged construction period of Adhiraj Capital City Kharghar (ACCK). The imperative was to navigate concerns surrounding construction timelines and instill confidence in potential buyers by establishing material superiority and overcoming construction perception challenges.


In response to this challenge, the team initiated a knowledge-driven campaign, “The Truth Series” strategically designed to educate customers on the construction materials and methodologies employed in Adhiraj’s projects. A focal point of this effort involved creating a Construction Material Museum within the ACCK lobby, offering visitors a visually appealing and informative exploration of the materials used.


Drawing inspiration from the swivel structure of Adhiraj’s Capital Tower, Eumo crafted captivating isometric illustrative graphic panels, contributing to an engaging exhibition. This showcase not only presented the construction materials but also featured “Did You Know”facts and Truth Panels, unraveling the interesting facts of the materials and craftsmanship behind the creation of the iconic Adhiraj Towers. An installation of resin frames was meticulously designed to accentuate the surrounding landscape of Adhiraj Towers. This strategic installation added a personalized touch, forging a connection between potential buyers and the natural environment they would soon experience, thereby enhancing the overall allure of the project.


Success manifested in a positive shift in customer mindset, translating into increased walk-ins and bookings. The Truth Series played a pivotal role in crafting a positive narrative around Adhiraj, underscored by the emphasis on the right opportunity, timing, and materials. The campaign effectively sparked curiosity, instilled understanding, and disseminated knowledge about construction practices, cultivating a profound sense of trust and credibility within the brand.

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