Project Description

Client TATA International
Project TATA International

One Group, many Stories


Tata International appointed us to design a spatial interpretive experience for the Tata Group Corporate Showcase in Mumbai. The intent was to give the typical visitor, who was a potential business partner or international invitee, a deep dive into the Group’s activities and organisation structure.


While focusing on scale and growth at Tata Group level, we also viewed each group company within their own industry landscape and interpreted their positioning and successes. All the group companies were tied by the unifying thread of Tata values.


We presented 7 Group sectors and 18 Tata group companies, with a unifying theme – ‘Building a future in the new economy’ as well as ‘Building a global Tata Brand’. The showroom was designed as a high-tech environment with multi- media shows programmed for different visitor profiles. The narrative could be viewed as a single unifying narrative or a Company specific show, but always within the umbrella group story. This project was designed by our leadership team through the design company RJB-Design.

This project, done under erstwhile design firm RJB-Design, was lead by our Director.


The experience centre was a must-see for all international visitors and potential partners as well as VIPs and policy makers who needed to understand the scale and width of offerings of the Tata group as well as the business potential with individual Tata companies.

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