Project Description

Client RBI
Project RBI Monetary Museum

Transacting Through Time


The Reserve Bank of India took a decision to demystify money and the history of monetary instruments by developing a Monetary Museum. The museum would educate, inform and celebrate the history of monetary instruments and the role of the Reserve Bank of India in protecting & growing the Indian economy. This had to be made easy to understand by the public visitor in a format that ensured safety of the precious, ancient artefacts.


The Indian monetary system goes back to the years of barter, with instruments of exchange and value evolving over time. Our history includes millennia of foreign invasions and colonisation before the creation of a Central Bank. We realised that the history must be brought alive by integrating both artefact and graphic information into an integrated display system that was unique to each historical milestone.


The RBI Monetary Museum experience is a walk through the evolution of money, spanning an expanse of many millennia and communicating to an audience across age and interest groups. We eliminated conventional panels, integrating artefacts with graphics, caricatures and pencil renders, providing a kaleidoscopic view of money and how it continues to evolve to accommodate advancing technology and trends.

This project, done under erstwhile design firm RJB-Design and the NID, was lead by our Director.


The museum is on the map of museums to visit in Mumbai, listed by travel sites such as TripAdvisor, TimeOut and others as one of the ten best museums to visit in Mumbai.

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