Project Description

Client Creative Museum Designers
Project GSI Museum, Gwalior

A Scientific Temper


The objective of the Gwalior GSI Museum is to propel the young demographic into a scientific bent of mind through appreciation of our Earth, its history, evolution and resources. The museum also details the critical role of the Geological Survey of India and its wealth of data and analysis archived to record our country’s geological development through the ages.


By taking the visitors, primarily students and academicians, through a walkthrough of Earth’s timeline and evolution, we determined our approach through the series of events that have shaped the geology of the Earth. In order to make the displays immersive, we recreated mock-ups and simulated experiences of the very interesting phenomena that have contributed to the knowledge bank that the GSI has built over time.

Solution and Success

The museum is designed to be a database of rich content, which has been visualised through interactive exhibits and audio-visual devices to make geological experiences such as volcanoes and meteor showers, appear lifelike and realtime. The exhibits in themselves will be an exciting collections of fossils, rare stones, and objects that have entered the earth’s atmosphere from space bringing the mysteries of space and evolution to the people.

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