Project Description

Client Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Project TIFR Museum

The Visionary & The Vision


The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research –TIFR– was clear that a dedication to Homi Bhabha’s life achievements and accomplishments was a feat that needed to be tackled with great sensitivity and humility.


Homi Bhabha is referred to as the Father of India’s Nuclear Programme. In addition to his passion for the sciences, he was a connoisseur of the arts and culture, himself a sensitive artist with an immaculate taste in design. Therefore, we felt it would be interesting to view the museum as an expression of a multi-faceted visionary and reveal aspects about his personality that are relatively unknown.


We felt that the best method for storytelling would be to allow audiences to view Homi Bhabha’s life through his field of vision, and called the museum The Vision and the Visionary. Therefore each facet of his personality unfolds from a defined point-of-view and radiates outwards. If a visitor stands at this point, s/he is able to view all the varied facets that make up Bhabha’s personality, his many talents and immense knowledge that contributed towards the making of the TIFR. His vision being the predominant element, the chronology and history of his achievements are woven into the space. The graphic style used to pay a tribute to his taste and to his time, was the Art Deco style, which combined modern style with fine craftsmanship and details.


This museum true to its time, is analog, spatial, display centric and visual, with artefacts that commemorate Dr. Homi Bhabha as the ‘Father of the Indian Nuclear Programme’ and the Founding Director of the Atomic Energy Establishment, clearly putting India on the path to self-sufficiency in Nuclear development.

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