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Consolidating Strength


TATA IGCI required a local design partner to collaborate with Wolff Olins in what was undoubtedly the most challenging rebranding project of the decade in India. The scope was extensive, cross disciplinary and involved engaging with more than 50 companies of the Tata Group. At the time, our Director Shanoo Bhatia, spearheaded the effort at the erstwhile RJB-Design, a multi-disciplinary firm engaged on this project.


We worked as design partners to Wolff Olins, developing the brand visual and retail language across all businesses, firms, their collateral and touchpoints. Our deep knowledge of indigenous skills, materials, motifs, regional connotations of design elements, regional vendor bases and manufacturing capabilities and technical prowess added strength to our relationship with our London based partners.

We worked independently with the Tata group brand management team to create the brand architecture and specify the brand policies and guidelines for use across all Tata Group companies.


There is no quick solution to a branding programme that must unify more than 50 companies across seven business sectors, retailing products, equipment, financial services, raw material and consumer facing brands. We worked individually with group companies to understand their requirements and translate the brand into usable guidelines, from micro sizing for engraving on steel bars, to a car emblem and massive signages for Tata Steel gates. A 5-manual guidelines document was the end result of this massive exercise, to be referred to by all Group Companies.


There were many firsts in this identity programme – the first import and use of composites for Tata signage, cutting edge technology for routing and shaping, laser cutting and punching techniques that allowed perfection in manufacture of brand elements and an engineered design approach to all expressions of the Tata brand.

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