Project Description

Client Reliance Industries
Project Dubai Expo

Bringing India to the World


Reliance Industries was invited to participate as one of the select and largest cross-sectoral conglomerates that represent the country at the India Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 (held in 2021). EumoDigital team was invited to work in close collaboration with the Client’s team to develop large-scale digital media which would create impact and tell the group’s varied corporate and philanthropic stories at the Expo, throwing a light on the country’s achievements through its enterprising industries.


With Reliance Industries as our Client, we had the luxury to think big (huge) and to think India-first. Reliance’s message, of ‘what is good for the Nation, is good for Reliance’ was notched up and expanded to showcase a Billion Dreamers and their aspirations for better quality lives, higher connectivity, greater reach, better mobility, cleaner power, being met by an organisation powered by the nation’s mission.


To ensure that Reliance Industries represents a progressive, yet culturally rich diverse nation, our approach was to showcase their modern, cutting edge facilities and layer them with cultural symbolism derived from the arts and crafts of India. We used animation, computer graphics, post-production and audio-visual to bring these stories together. We drew inspiration from the richness of art and craft from diverse regions of India and curated different animations. These served as an overlay of authentic Indian art forms. The result was a phenomenal intersection of traditional arts and craft styled by animation. The chemistry of our traditional crafts with the high-tech modern industry shone beautifully on the mega screen.


Our Client’s success at broadcasting their unique stories through films and digital media at the Expo, delivered on time and ready for inauguration was a testament to our collaborative effort. We delivered 20 freshly created audio-visuals to showcase for 6 months of Dubai Expo.

Our creative partners for this project who deserve credit for a quick turnaround with no compromises in quality are –


Splice Studio, Puppet Films, Doodleist

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