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Diagnosing Brand Health

There is an urgent and growing need to provide medical care that is affordable and accessible to our large populations through government intervention and the private sector. Investments into healthcare technology is also multiplying, with remote access through digital apps and inexpensive tele-medicine as well as AI responsive bots. Simultaneously in the last mile, the physical care facilities and number of hospital beds also needs a dramatic increase. Multi-speciality hospitals and single-speciality centres have spread their footprint and formats from Metro cities to tier 1 and tier 2 centres following a branded format much like retail in order to engender trust.

Design thinking and services plays a major role in providing evidence-based intervention in all aspects of Hospital Design, and allied healthcare facilities. Here are some of the areas where design can create impact

  • Differentiating Strategy
  • Brand Identity Development Healthcare Chains
  • UX & UI design for Websites
  • Mobile App Design
  • Employee Branding
  • Evidence-based Interiors
  • Wayfinding and Signage Design
  • Communication Design


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