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Disseminating Culture Through Experiences

Museums are public institutions that have seen change and must adapt with the changing needs of a dynamic audience. The future of Museums lies in their ability to adapt from the traditional dispensation of keepers of artefacts to knowledge enablers, linking archival knowledge to future possibilities. Museums today have understood this need and are looking towards design to help them create diverse experiences in physical and digital environments.

Museum Display Design includes understanding the visitor persona and their cognitive needs and fulfilling them through creating immersive, media-rich environments. Museums have already begun delivering virtual interactive experiences, as well as online education to their audiences.

The most important aspect of museums remains telling a story in a compelling manner. Design has an important role to play and Eumo has worked closely with Museum clients to deliver

  • Museum planning
  • Gallery planning
  • Exhibit and Installation Design
  • Digital Interactive Media
  • Audio-Visual Design
  • UX & UI for Websites
  • Communication design
  • Wayfinding and Signage

Art & Culture

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