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Home & Décor

Rebuilding personal spaces

Home and Décor industry has seen tremendous growth due to a shift of workforce to homes during the pandemic. With people feeling liberated from workplace norms while ensuring productivity through remote tools, homes are quickly being reimagined and retooled as hybrid spaces. With this change come ideas such as connected homes, intelligent homes, AI and connected devices. However a large part of India resides in towns and suburbs, with a migration of the urban workforce to these relatively tranquil homes and homestays to get reconnect with nature. There are therefore multiple opportunities for design to help define new models of living, and bridging requirements to create mindful, well-considered interior spaces that are designed around the user and his or her needs.

Eumo has worked with home-owners and real-estate companies, to deliver

  • Interior Design
  • Furniture
  • Turnkey Interiors

Our home décor brand Amazng Furniture & Accessories promises to deliver finer living experiences through unique personality-led furniture products and accessories.

Home & Décor

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