Project Description

Client The late Padmashree Astad Deboo & members of his family.
Project Retrospective Exhibition on the Life of Astad Deboo

Breaking Boundaries


Astad was a close friend of our Directors and a source of inspiration & warmth for Team Eumo. Before he passed away, he entrusted us along with his family, the responsibility of bringing his last wish to life – to tell his story through a retrospective exhibition experience that would document his life’s work in the larger context of contemporary dance. At Eumo, for a little over a year, we worked to bring Astad’s vision to life, beat by beat.


Astad was spirited & dynamic- both as an artiste and a person. He was truly a citizen of the world, traveling and collecting memories & friends around the globe. The magic of his personality was that his presence filled up every room he walked into. This exhibition was envisioned to be a reflection of his personality. We planned an experience that was just as colorful, non-conformist & larger-than-life as he was.


To capture the highs & lows of Astad’s personal journey, we divided the space into six zones. Using artefacts collated from his life, his signature costumes, his hand-written diaries, and videos of his performances, we designed the space to feel incredibly personal- like you were in conversation with Astad Deboo as he invited you to partake in his journey. The visuals of each zone were vibrant and the frames, amorphous, to reflect his life lived without constraints or limits. To immerse visitors in the legacy of his collaborative work, teams from across India and the world participated to recreate performances choreographed by Astad.


Spanning a period of 10 days, the retrospective exhibition attracted hundreds of art & dance aficionados, enthusiasts, and an eclectic community of curious folk. The exhibition received media coverage from an array of publications and dailies such as Architectural Digest, The Times of India, Mirror, Hindustan Times, The Print, Free Press Journal amongst others. The true success of the exhibition was an acknowledgment from Astad’s family, especially Gulshan Deboo, Astad’s sister. Credits to Astad’s family – Gulshan Deboo, Xerxes Antia, Neha Antia, Kamal Antia and Seventyemg for working along with us to bring dear Astad’s vision to life.

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