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Client Reliance Jio Workspaces
Project Corporate Environment Branding

Creating Performance Environments


Reliance Industries, a behemoth credited for building energy efficiency and self-sustenance in our country, was venturing into telecommunications and launching a new, disruptive brand, Jio. We were invited to create engaging environments for a new mobile workforce, working on deploying cutting-edge technology for the country. The need was to define an agile, youthful, energetic personality for the brand.

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We realised that the most effective way of unifying work spaces with a singular brand language would be to engage with the disparate teams and create user-led solutions that would enhance their performance while infusing a brand idea at every opportunity.


We created a brand-scape, a master visual concept and carried it through different spaces with fresh explorations.An image style that was purely Indian, enhanced by a dynamic graphic motif supported a culture of constant innovation and agility. Unique value hubs created points of interaction and a sense of Jio community. A bold combination of graphics, smart messages, 3D integration, interactive elements, clever signage and activations were devised to reflect the energy of the new brand.


Feedback from teams suggested that the spaces encouraged more camaraderie, connection and collaboration within and across teams. People were empowered to perform better through co-creation and open interactions which was a departure from their earlier formats.

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