Project Description

Travel & Leisure

Creating customer-centric luxe experiences

The hospitality industry will continue to enjoy patronage by experience-seekers, and adventurers who have an insatiable appetite to keep discovering new locales and cultures. With the memory of a raging pandemic that almost brought the industry to a stand-still, the hospitality industry will attempt to ring-fence their concepts from future disruptions by including safety, hygiene and distancing within their offers. Exclusive and personalised hospitality, offered at a premium will see high demand as it assures safety to travellers. Another shift would be a higher demand for sustainable and eco-friendly hospitality for travellers who have become more aware and attuned to the environment. Finally, personalised and distinctive service design and environments will ensure travellers keep coming back for more.

Eumo has designed for hospitality experiences both in India as well as abroad. We offer a bouquet of design services to respond to all hospitality requirements.

  • Master Planning for multi-use spaces
  • Architecture
  • Eco-friendly environments
  • Interior design & furnishing
  • Brand Identity systems
  • Marketing collateral
  • UX and UI for website
  • Wayfinding & Signage
  • Landscape and community design

Travel & Leisure

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