Project Description

Client The Ultimate Travelling Camp
Project TUTC Kishkinda Camp Hampi

Pegging New Standards for Luxury


We were assigned the design of a truly mobile camp that could move from one location to another leaving behind minimal infrastructure and ensuring that the guests enjoyed a sense of wholesome luxury among the rocky outcrops, boulders and temples of what was once the flourishing capital of kingdom of the Vijayanagara empire. The challenge was minimal civil work intervention while staying true to the TUTC brand and delivering a world class experience.


We interpreted the challenge into solutions derived from the landscape selected for the camp. The property had a stream that bisected it through the center and was surrounded by imposing rocky hillocks with massive boulders precariously perched one on top of the other.
Our design solution had to meet the stringent requirements of luxury hospitality, making sure that all aspects of the camp that the guests come in contact with expressed uncompromising aesthetics and comfort, while also designing for ease of packing, storage and transport during off-season.


We explored materials that evoked luxury while staying true to the solid construction and longevity that a travelling camp needs. The Luxury Camp has been created using high quality construction and detailing, using local materials where best suited to deliver a pristine experience that stands apart from any existing offering in the market. Keeping the ecological sensitivity of the area it was decided to mount the tents on removable platforms so that the land may be converted back to its original use once the camp ceased to exist. The furniture is extremely well-built and solid, designed to completely knock-down or fold to fit into custom packaging.


An internationally acclaimed and awarded hospitality project for its complete offer and unmatched personalised hospitality, the TUTC glamping experience is on the list of discerning guests in search of new luxe experiences.

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