Project Description

Client The Ultimate Travelling Camp
Project The Untamed Bandhavgarh by TUTC

Pegging New Standards for Luxury


The camp was to be designed in an open grassland with some large Mahua trees that dotted the landscape. No trees were to be disturbed and the grassland was to be kept intact. The existing infrastructure had to be incorporated in the masterplan and integrated in the service offering keeping in mind the essence of a jungle camp. We were asked to design for seven luxury tents that had to be raised so that the animal movement was not disturbed and some level of safety for the guests incorporated.


After a thorough study of the site and understanding the best orientation of the tents we decided to raise the entire platform on stilts. This kept the existing grassland intact and the elevated platforms gave a great overview of the grassland and the forest where one got a clear view of the abundant flame of the forest trees.


We explored materials that evoked luxury while staying true to the solid construction and longevity that a travelling camp needs. The Luxury Jungle Camp has been created using high quality construction and detailing, to deliver a pristine experience that stands apart from any existing offering in the market. The furniture is extremely well-built and solid, designed to completely knock-down or fold to fit into custom packaging.


An internationally acclaimed and awarded hospitality project for its complete offer and unmatched personalised hospitality, the TUTC glamping experience is on the list of discerning guests in search of new luxe experiences.

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