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Driving Sales Through Experiences

The automotive sector relies traditionally on a franchise model to deliver their products and brand experience to their customers. While the franchise is an important physical and in-person touchpoint of the brand, the customer feedback selectively gets relayed to the OEM. Hence it is important for the OEM to pre-empt customer needs in the design of a brand environment, functions, processes and systems that are predictive. Customer access to rapidly evolving technology is a game-changer for every OEM which must design for an omni-channel experience.

At Eumo, we use an arsenal of proprietary personalised processes to gather customer intelligence as well as service intelligence. Our design thinking skills and quality of design solutions have delivered successful dealership identity programmes for behemoths in the Indian Auto Industry, such as Tata Group and Mahindra.

Design can add tremendous value at every stage of the customer interaction. Eumo can work with you across a spectrum of services, such as

  • Retail Brand Strategy & Experience Design
  • Service Design
  • Design Thinking for Retail
  • Digital Intervention for Customer Engagement
  • UX & UI Design
  • Strategic Brand Identity Design
  • Communication Roadmap & Marketing


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