Project Description

Client TATA Motors
Project TATA Motors CVBU

A Gargantuan Refresh


Tata Motors approached Eumo to re-design their Commercial Vehicles Dealership Programme to enhance their sales through a better customer experience. They felt the need to attract potential customers while achieving visual consistency and leveraging the Tata brand. This was also at a time when there was a decline in auto sales across the industry. Eumo was tasked with positioning the branded showrooms with an international, well engineered, inclusive environment that responded to the needs of the customer.


More than a decade after its initial Dealership Identity Programme, the market was seeing rapid transformation and the advent of digital sales channels. As strategic and creative partners, we focussed on how the omni channel experience for the customer should be unified with a recognisable brand language. We also decided to make a major shift from a legacy brand which was seeing its market share being eroded to a high-tech, innovative engineering marvel.


The design of the Tata ‘Tech-cellence’ centre showcases the commercial vehicles of Tata Motors in a bold & engaging manner. Not only was the entire space reimagined with a fresh material palette, the entire graphic communication and brand colour scheme was revamped to inculcate a sharpened visual language.

Eumo approached the project as an opportunity to create better customer engagement, delivering higher value through thoughtfully created service design. The customer journey was visualised from pre- showroom visit on digital channels, to respond to their immediate needs at the showroom. Digital touchpoints to support discovery, inquiry and sales support were seamlessly integrated into the journey. Customer advisors were positioned with a vantage point to engage effectively with walk-in customers. From the first welcome to the final transaction and after-sales support, each target’s needs was carefully catered to through functional design.


The Tata Tech-cellence Dealership Showrooms were implemented all across India to create an iconic retail signature for the brand.

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