Project Description


Scoring A Strategic Branding Goal

Humans need a sense of bonding, belonging, camaraderie, physical release, relaxation and a release of emotion. Nothing response to these needs more than sport. Sport is and always has been a flag bearer of perseverance, grit, hard work and achievement. There is now a huge corporatisation of sport which is bringing it to the masses through sponsorships, ownership and mainstream media. India is a hot bed of cricket enthusiasts, extremely knowledgeable and fanatical fans who have strong sense of patriotism and affiliations to their regional teams.

Eumo was given the opportunity to work with one of the leading IPL teams to rebrand their home stadium & public environment. We’d like to believe our focussed campaign and brand messaging played a role in their win!

For Sporting Companies, Eumo works with you across a spectrum of services, such as

  • Strategic Brand Identity
  • Environment Graphics
  • Merchandise Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Campaign Design


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