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IT & Telecomm

Building Highways of Innovation

IT & Telecommunication is ubiquitous and has made access to data and communication a necessity in the remotest regions. Growing rapidly, telecom providers deliver high-speed bandwidth to provide access to better governance, faster healthcare, realtime agricultural data, digital retail shelves, remote mass education, AI-based manufacturing amongst others.

This industry has powered disruption across others. There is therefore a need to constantly attract and retain the best and most motivated workforce to help the industry constantly innovate and grow. The IT and Telecom industry has also engineered a shift in workplace culture with a conscious shift from typical corporate environments to vibrant, energetic and motivational workspaces for employees who need flexibility of work environment to support a plug-and-play access to data as well as ideation and break-out spaces. With a streaming demand to deliver business outcomes, companies will work hard at retaining talent and creating high-performance hybrid environments for their staff.

Eumo has credible experience in creating open collaborative work spaces and new models of retail for customer experiences. We partner the industry to deliver a wide range of services such as

  • Design Thinking
  • Design Strategy
  • Concept Ideation
  • Workspace Planning & Design
  • Reinventing Workspaces
  • Service Design
  • Retail Identity & Design
  • UX & UI for Websites
  • Mobile App Design
  • Experience Centres

IT & Telecomm

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