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Client Film Heritage Foundation
Project Olympism Made Visible

Olympics In Reel Life


Amidst the intricacies of planning the grand Olympism project in Mumbai, a significant hurdle emerged – the decision to host the Olympism Made Visible exhibition during the city’s monsoon season. This posed a dual challenge of managing an open-space exhibition and coordinating multiple teams effectively. The next challenge was to uniformly display the works of renowned photographers commissioned to capture the spirit of Olympism transcending human suffering across the world.


In addressing the project challenges, our team approached the situation with a creative problem-solving mindset. We sought to craft an engaging and weather-resistant system that would defy the constraints, create a unique and memorable experience, highlight the photographers works and create a unifying language of display which was a metaphor of the Olympic spirit that brings diverse people together through the passion of sports.


Our design solution crystallised in the form of exhibition graphic modules designed for each photographer. To navigate the rain, these exhibition modules were equipped with extended poly roofing, creating a sheltered space for the visitor. This allowed attendees to appreciate the exhibition despite the prevailing monsoon while shielding the photographs and panels from potential damage. Each unit was lit as an island and they all came together to create a contiguous whole. Each photographer’s works were carefully curated to tell their individual and collective stories.


The project’s triumph unfolded as a flawless event at the NCPA in Mumbai. The presence of distinguished Olympic photographers, Lorenzo Vitturi and Dana Lixenberg, elevated the exhibition’s prestige, while Olympians like Mary Kom, Aparna Popat, Anjali Bhagwat, Manisha Malhotra, Neha Aggarwal, Rekha Bhide, Manoj Pingale, Murlikant Petkar, Kamlesh Mehta and Mervyn Fernandes as special guests added glamour and emotion to the event. The use of graphic modules with weather-resistant roofing ensured undeterred engagement with the photographic storytelling, contributing to the overall success of the event. The collaborative efforts of the Film Heritage Foundation, The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, and the NCPA resonated in a well-received celebration of the Olympics, its history, and its spirit through films and photography.

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