Project Description

Client Piramal Enterprises
Project Strategic Brand Identity
Award ReBrand 100 Award for Piramal Enterprises Visual Identity

United by Values


Piramal Enterpriseʼs brief to Eumo was to do away with Nicholas Piramal India Limitedʼs diffused image and create a unique brand that reflects the groupʼs strong heritage and values.

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Acknowledging the groupʼs three intrinsic values of gyan (knowledge) karma (action) and bhakti (care) as the guiding principles that govern its people, processes and behaviours, we arrived at the gyan mudra as a symbol which resonated authentically with the company.


We unified the many group enterprises under the monolith of the Piramal identity. Our final solution was ʻperformedʼ as a dance – the story of Lord Buddha, as he meditated for enlightenment and spread the message of empowering care. This story was illustrative of the companyʼs promise to provide empowered care to communities through its businesses. Our scope extended to creation of guidelines for expressing the brand identity across print, digital and packaging touchpoints.


The brand identity is well established and has created value for the company. The Piramal Healthcare business was acquired by Abbott Laboratories and Piramal Enterprises has diversified into several new businesses under a monolithic identity system . The brand identity for Piramal Enterprises won the coveted international Rebrand 100 Award.

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