Kaya Skin Bar

Kaya Skin Bar

A Flawless Verdict

Concurrent to the development of a completely new retail identity for Kaya Skin Clinics, our Client wanted to create Kaya Skin Bars to deliver a fresh new mall retail experience for customers, which makes personal care products a part of their regular purchase experience, emphasising Kaya’s expertise in everyday skincare.

The design solution ensured that the hardware for product display was flexible and updatable, with clear spaces for visual merchandising, tester units, category and product labelling. A Skin Bar at the centre integrated product display with storage and enabled beauty advisors to test products on customers in a hygienic environment.

“Customer experience is increasingly a differentiator to build engagement and loyalty. Eumo’s design solution envisaged an open and inviting layout for the Kaya Skin Bar, drawing attention to the central Experience Bar which drives customer engagement within an immersive product retailing and merchandising environment. These retail elements underpin a design that draws customer footfall into the store.”


Ajay Pahwa, CEO

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