Project Description

Client Kaya Skin Bar
Project Nationwide Retail Identity
Award CMO Asia Award Most Innovative Retail Concept of the Year Kaya Skin Bar

A Flawless Verdict


Concurrent to the development of a new retail identity for Kaya Skin Clinics, our Client wanted to start Kaya Skin Bars to deliver a fresh new retail experience for customers, which makes personal care products a part of their regular skincare experience, emphasising Kaya’s expertise in everyday care. The client also wanted to enter retail of skincare products in a mall format, while continuing its established skin clinic brand in a new retail format.


The influx of international Brands that have a stand-alone presence in the retail space required a thorough study of how varying retail experiences are offered to the consumer. Through a service design exercise, we interpreted the audience persona and journey map and the need-gaps that could be filled through design.


The design solution was devised to solve for all formats – large clinics to skin bars. The hardware for product display was flexible, updatable, integrated visual merchandising, tester units, category and product labelling. A Skin Bar at the centre integrated product display with storage and enabled beauty advisors to test products on customers in a safe and hygienic environment.


The effectiveness of designing for varying format sizes and locations ensured a unified brand roll out in high street and mall locations across metro cities.

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