At Eumo, the research, conception, implementation and evaluation methodologies that we follow are unique. We don’t use traditional techniques to fulfil our client project requirements. We use a formula that ignites magic. It’s rigorous & process oriented.

Key Services

Design, Innovation & Technology is at the heart of everything we do

Here’s how it works conventionally. A brief comes to the table. It is attacked with the enthusiasm of a teething dog at a bone. Minds are scratched, imaginations unfurled, statistics rolled over and numbers crunched. The most smashing concept is delivered. Once brilliance has been achieved, the process is carefully revisited and painstakingly prototyped.

Strategic Communication

Building connections through effective communication.

The right communication generates efficiency and creates lasting bonds, both of which drive profitability. We help create the language for effective communication that incorporates brand personality and core values, to engage prospective customers, accurately inform stakeholders, and motivate employees.

Communication | Presentation Design | Corporate Communication | Brand Communication | Design Consultancy

Corporate Brand Identity

Creating a strategic brand that drives ownership and loyalty.

The key to establishing a unique position in the mind of the consumer is discovering the soul of a brand and telling its story so that it comes alive and is relevant to its audiences. This creates familiarity, which begets trust. The perfect identity has the potential to connect with maximum consumers and increase a brand’s fidelity.

Brand | Branding | Brand Identity | Corporate Identity | Brand Architecture | Logo Design | Identity Development | Brochure Design | Stationary | Letterheads | Brand Kit | Brand Package

Retail Experience

Engaging spaces that inform and excite customers have the potential to transform brand relationships.

Enhancing the retail experience through service design methodologies, results in discovering compelling opportunities to project a brand and boost the sales graph at both, employee and customer levels. The right design solution makes a brand experiential and empowers staff by integrating them into the customer journey.

Retail Experience | Retail Design | Retail Environments | Shopper Marketing

Environment Design

Unboxing spaces so the walls speak the language of the brand and the signage integrates as part of the experience.

One of our niche specialties, motivating work environments, way finding and signage systems helps communicate a brand’s personality and inspire corporate behaviour to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Our focus is on empowering staff to perform at new levels of efficiency.

Way-Finding | Signage | Environment Design | Office Interiors | Work Environments | Branded Spaces | Inspirational | Motivational Offices | Interior Solutions | Google Offices

Visitor Experience Design

Avant-garde, multi-sensory spaces that employ imagination, communication and technology to immerse visitors into storytelling experiences.

Our award-winning multidisciplinary design team uses technology creatively, to surround your audiences in a brand world which is flexible and updatable. Our approach has proven effective in engaging visitors with memorable spatial and narrative interactions that maximise brand recall.

Experience Zone | Experience Center | Exhibition Design | Visitor Experience Enhancement | Museum Design | Branded Environments | Customer Centres | Immersive | Experiential Surround | Multimedia | Interactive | Corporate Walkthroughs | Sales Centres | Briefing Centres | Corporate Theatres | Corporate Museums

Furniture Design

Uniquely detailed product and furniture designs responsive to ergonomic and aesthetic needs.

Furniture that adds design flair and style to environments, creating opportunities to nurture relationships. As specialists we have an edge in designing furniture and products that are useful, efficient and personify users.

Industrial Design | Product Design | Furniture | Furniture Design | Street Furniture | Smart Product | Lighting Design

Startup Solutions

Packaged design and marketing tools to launch your business.

We ease an entrepreneurial team’s struggle with brand definition with a complete solution that informs aspects of identity, communication and brand personality. Our intent is to walk alongside a start-up and help them stride confidently into brand terra-firma, knowing that a well conceived brand will help drive interest and most-likely deliver assured business returns.

Marketing Solutions | 360 Marketing | Marketing Kits | Sales Dossiers | Micro-Sites | Promotional Items | Startup Kits

Digital & Marketing Solutions

A passion for building brands through inventive digital solutions and marketing services fuels our need to create. Taking time to develop a clear picture of our clients’ needs informs every creative decision.

With businesses moving rapidly towards improving their social skills and interactivity with their customers online for the best results, we’re ready to craft any sustainable solution. We provide social media marketing services and also design and develop engaging, responsive websites—including custom ecommerce sites—that meet users’ demands for an excellent experience on any resolution.

Marketing Solutions | Digital | 360 Marketing | Marketing Kits | Responsive | E-commerce | Design Management