Tata Motors PVBU

Tata Motors PVBU

Brand New

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company, approached us, to develop the PVBU retail environment within which the Tata brand would manifest itself. Just as vehicles need to constantly be designed to be more aerodynamic so do the spaces that market and service them. Using the same principles of drag, speed and increasing efficiency, we designed a new showroom experience using service design tools and robust design principles. Passenger vehicles had to be is a highly competitive automotive vertical.

After thorough research and service design, the interior and exterior elements were prescribed on the basis of the customers journey. An effective exterior signage system was introduced for better visibility and standardisation of Tata dealerships pan India. In the showroom, a kit of modular elements were designed for greater flexibility and standardisation. The elements help convey the ethos of the Tata Group, the values it cherishes, the future it aspires to and how it perceives its engagement with customers. Brand graphics with positive messages help build the confidence of the potential customer in the company’s business and product offerings. The products on display are supplemented by vehicle specification units, promotional display panels, poster display panels and accessory display units which effectively communicate the rational and aspirational values of the products offered. Transaction areas are integrated within the showroom environment in an informal manner with a meeting room where privacy is demanded. Vehicle delivery areas are demarcated and styled to provide an auspicious ambience to the vehicle hand-over ceremony. We designed stand-alone centers to showcase the unique offerings of the PVBU. We created an iconic retail signature for the brand across India. This project was developed by our leadership team through the design company RJB-Design.

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