Tata Group IGCI

Tata Group IGCI

Consolidating strength

TATA GROUP called us in to partner Wolff Olins in what was undoubtedly the most challenging rebranding project of the decade in India. The scope was extensive and cross discipline and matched by our capabilities and enthusiasm.

Our deep knowledge of indigenous skills, materials, motifs, regional connotations of design elements, regional vendor bases and manufacturing capabilities as well as design and technical prowess added strength to our relationship with our London based partners. The result was many firsts for India and the Tata Group – the import and use of composites for sign manufacture, cutting edge technology for routing and shaping, laser cutting and punching techniques that allowed perfection in manufacture and an engineered design approach to all expressions of the Tata brand. Our leadership team was involved in the development of this project through the design company RJB-Design.

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