Tata Capital

Tata Capital

Making Money Friendly

The introduction of 13 retail finance products by TATA CAPITAL across equity, asset and debt, required Eumo to rethink retail strategy and consolidation of services through ideas such as multi-tasking service pods with the conceptual clarity of Making Money Friendly.

Our contribution was across the project timeline – from a break-through concept of a single customer touch-point to address all finance products, keeping the customer at the centre of the service design as opposed to having the customer move from station to station, to designing the experience, furniture, manufacture and shop drawings for up to 100 retail outlets nationwide. Our in-house team’s multi-disciplinary strengths were leveraged to deliver a complete retail experience. We executed Tata Capital Signature branches at Hyderabad and Gurgaon, followed by a pan-India rollout of 87 branches using differentiated design and rollout formats.

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