Satyam Live

Satyam Live

Business, Unusual

SATYAMLive was designed as a space for Satyamites to demonstrate their unique working methodology, technological leadership, and entrepreneurial initiatives to global clients, showcasing the expertise and infrastructure of the company, through case studies and testimonials.

Our design focused on the stakeholders’ experience with the unravelling of the captivating story of one of the four most promising IT companies in the country. The narrative is revealed in an unconventional manner using visual and sensory metaphors to suggest the softer, intangible aspects of the company that help differentiate it from competition. The story-telling techniques include multi-screen projections and interactive displays relating the story of a company focussed on business growth through evolving technologies, business delivery models and partnerships with Clients across the globe. This project was designed by our leadership team through the design company RJB-Design.

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