Rustomjee Elanza

Rustomjee Elanza

Learning Through Play

Leon’s World is a learning environment that fosters cognitive growth and aids in the development of children’s multiple intelligences.

The Eumo team conceptualized Leon’s World, conjuring up activities that engage and entertain children while allowing them to learn through imaginative play. The activities are designed to stimulate interactive learning with minimum or no instructions from adults. Our creative team got on their knees to view the space and activities from the child’s point of view. Our development activities are based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory that differentiates intelligences into eight potential abilities. Toddler Town, The Imaginarium, Arches of Colour, Happy Camper and The Science Frontier introduce children to a range of materials, textures, creative expression, physical activity and tactile stimulation, encouraging social interaction and group activities. From mile-long drawing papers to multimedia planetary systems, this awesome space is a playground for young and fertile imaginations. 

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