Reliance NNOC

Reliance NNOC

Connecting India

India’s answer to mobile telephony at the cost of a postcard was with cutting-edge CDMA technology launched by our Client, Reliance Infocomm. We worked with our Client to launch a visitor centre to demonstrated the data ready mobile technology, with surround graphics, working models, interactive spaces as well as a physical walk through a glass bridge that traversed a mind-boggling, technology intensive network operations centre.

The burgeoning power of communication technology was displayed through connected homes with fully controllable and programmable home systems and security, classrooms teaching through online data streaming, farmer communities and fishermen served by instant live data, health care facilities providing patient data on demand. These were the early days of mobile data and internet in our country and we continue to work with our client and their R4G brand Jio, today. Our leadership team was involved in this project through the design company RJB-Design. 

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