Piramal Enterprises

Piramal Enterprises

Unity of Values

PIRAMAL ENTERPRISES’ brief to Eumo was to do away with Nicholas Piramal India Limited’s diffused image and create an image that reflects the group’s strong heritage and values.

Acknowledging the group’s three intrinsic values of Gyan (knowledge) Karma (action) and Bhakti (care) we arrived at the Gyan Mudra which resonated honestly with the company. Through this we unified the many group enterprises under the monolith of the Piramal identity. Our final solution was ‘performed’ as a dance – the story of Lord Buddha, as he meditated for enlightenment and spread the message of empowering care.

“Our visual identity is layered, rich, spiritual, intimate, powerful, yet gentle. It focuses the mind, body and heart to give the light of knowledge, encourage dynamic action and invoke deep care and compassion, bringing health, prosperity and peace to all. Our new logo has a ‘soul’.”


Dr. Swati Piramal

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