ISDI Parsons Mumbai

ISDI Parsons Mumbai

Design for Dialogue

The ISDI PARSONS identity needs to reflect a school which integrates design education and business thinking into a successful model of growth.

Debate, discourse and dialogue inspire new thinking, creating an intersection between the traditional and the modern, amalgamating intellect and craft, providing opportunity for developing new and relevant design interpretations for social needs. The Dialogue D designed by us as an effective graphic tool, is the face of design at ISDI and is used to create high recall collateral when leveraged creatively for communication. The visual identity was extended into a system of grids, secondary colours and typefaces that serve to reiterate the commitment to exchange and convergence of ideas. Eumo designed the entire launch campaign, brochures, print ads, pick-ones and stationery to set the course of growth for the brand.

“Eumo worked with us from the early stages of conception, participating in design round tables and contributing valuable viewpoints. It was natural to involve them in the design of the identity and our internal mandate was to develop a visual identity that is intelligent, appeals to a ‘Whole New Mind’ that embraces design in the context of business prerogatives. Eumo worked with clarity of purpose to deliver a wide variety of design options, each with its own narrative and conceptual approach. We loved the idea of design encouraging dialogue, of the possibility of ISDialogues a unique language of communication between ISDians and their audiences. The visual identity created is clever, global, creative and professional, as was our experience working with Eumo. I would highly recommend Eumo.”


Siddharth Shahani, Executive Director

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