IL&FS Transportation

IL&FS Transportation

Alert! Lions!

Our Clients at IL&FS call us in for very interesting projects. This one was no exception. A slew of highway infrastructure projects required signages and Eumo was called in to attack this brief with gusto.

We decided that it was too plain vanilla to only direct and point the way for highway commuters. We saw in this project an opportunity to raise brand equity for our Client by adding a value through incorporating cultural context into highway signage. Our country is diverse and rich and this was an opportunity to communicate to large numbers of commuters. Our signage solution satisfied the necessary requirements of structural stability, strength, visibility and other good sign design standards. Over this, we built a layer of graphic communication that reinforced pride in our national and regional motifs, natural resources & biodiversity. While it did the job of increased visibility of IL&FS Transportation brand, it also created greater recall through region specific graphic motifs, as commuters crossed state borders and learnt about flora and fauna of each region on their smooth drive across newly constructed cross-country highways.

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