IL&FS Textile Parks

IL&FS Textile Parks

Singularly Unique

IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative approached us to brand Textile Parks across India 
created with a view to promote a Government of India initiative for the Indian Textiles industry.

Each park needed its own unique character, yet be part of a singular umbrella identity to gain maximum mileage. Our solution was inspired by the craft of the quilt, differentiated in each square but held together determinedly by the unity of its weave. Our quilted uber identity defined the initiative, while each square was allocated to a different park reflecting elements specific to that particular region. Our designers toured India to research and photograph crafts, architectural forms and textile across different parts of the country to develop a differentiated idiom. A branded environment with way finding, signage and fleet graphics was developed for each textile park, with strategic inputs on monetization of spaces to support and maintain branding activities.

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